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Wedding Vedi is actually the centre stage of an Indian marriage ceremony, which is set on a carpeted floor with a sacred fire placed in the centre of the Mandap. Understanding the importance of this canopy structure erected on four pillars, we make sure that we decorate this sacred place the most beautifully and magnificently for your wedding rituals. We have plenty of decoration ideas in the most vibrant colours to perfectly adorn this pure stage, where the most important rituals of an Indian wedding take place such Mangal Pheras, the Kanyadan ceremony, the ritual tiding of knots called Gath Bandhan, Saptapadi, and the auspicious Mangalsutra and Sindoor wearing ceremony. We, at D├ęcor By Elements make sure that right from the conception to the final execution of this part of the wedding is done absolutely purely with the best of sophistication.
Under the wedding Mandap, the newly wedded couple is blessed with happiness, harmony and growth while the rituals are performed, this is why, its importance is more as compared to any other part of the wedding. We decorate the wedding Vedi in the best traditional way, again reflecting the theme of the wedding. Fresh flowers, colourful and bright adornments, shimmery drapes (hot favourites are red and gold), flashy lights, can all be used strategically to accentuate the final look of the Wedding Vedi and Mandap.

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