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India is the land of diversity and each community has its own precious heritage to showcase. When we talk about South India, we talk a lot about wood and stone carvings, deities and Gods and Godliness, flowers, designs and what not. South Indian wedding decor has a lot to express and to impress. We, at 10on10 Decorations are wedding decor experts who can apparently create any community ambiance in Delhi when required. If you need a South Indian wedding in Delhi, simply come to us, and we will decorate your wedding venue with Ashta Lakshmi Urli, Chicory flowers, Inspirational plants, ethnic hangings, Natya Ganesh idols, glass or brass lamps for the diyas, wooden carvings and impressive brass vases. We understand how it is to marry your children out in Delhi when all your roots lie down South. That is why, we pledge to bring incense of your home to Delhi.
We provide South Indian wedding decor in Delhi/NCR to let you celebrate the important wedding in the family in the most superb way. Some moments can never come back, and that is why, we don’t let you compromise on anything. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi