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For a splendid ‘Anand Karaj’, all you really need is the right decor, for of course, there cannot be any pomp and show, noise and beats around the Babaji in the Gurudwara Sahib.When it comes to baraat, we can provide you profligate covers for the ghori and a ceremonial umbrella for the groom, considering its mostly a day-time wedding on a hot, Sunday afternoon. Then we can have really pretty gates outside the Gurudwara Sahib with flowers and drapes that not just look exceptional but inviting too.A lot of decor in the staircase and the special floral decor around Shri Gurugranth sahib is all you really need to add the special touch and feel to your weddings.Sikh weddings are otherwise known for their consecration and sanctity and we completely understand why and how to maintain that holiness for your wedding. We can shower special feelings without hampering the devoutness of the gurudwara.If it’s about your pre-nuptial ceremonies and post wedding reception party, well, we’re all game for fun-filled real Punjabi surprises for you and your family. We can splash in a lot of fun and frolic to the party with our amazing decor ideas you are sure to love. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi