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Ring ceremony or engagement party is a special occasion that ties two individuals into a couple. With the exchange of rings, a couple promises to marry each other and stay together through thick and thin in life. It can be a grand occasion or a family get-together, depending on your budget and preferences.
Whatever be the level of splendor, the ring ceremony function is definitely worthy of great décor and hospitality to the guests. When it comes to ring ceremony decorators in delhi, we, at 10 on 10 Decorations put our best foot forward to give you a memorable ambiance for your special day.
Starting right from an impressive entry gate at the venue, and the red carpet to make you feel special, to the stunning stage for the couple to be seated, our experienced and creative squad of décor specialists leave no stone unturned to create a perfect aura for your engagement party to be remembered for life.
From artistic levels to the event management, we simply believe in giving you the best décor service in Delhi that will leave your guests awe-struck and you as proud as a peacock.  For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi.

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