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Jagran mandlis are a thing of the past. Nowdays, even religious functions like Mata ki Chowki are carried out in a very professional and organized manner. Not all event managers are adept with organizing religious functions, but we, at 10 on 10 Decorations are the experts in all kinds of décor, no matter they are related to wedding, birthday or religion.
We are the sole Mata ki Chowki organizers in Delhi (Religious Function Decorators in Delhi)who are equipped with everything you’d need to give your function a new dimension. We have exceptional tenting solutions for religious events, special flower arrangement ideas that create a religious aura at your function.
The sanctity of a religious function is maintained by forming an ideal atmosphere by using sacred flowers, aromatic incense sticks and veneration. Music arrangement adds on to the perfect ambiance that is required for an event as holy as Mata ki Chowki. We are very particular about the right seating arrangement and we also consider suitable alternative to sitting on the floor for the aged and people with special needs. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi.

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