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India is a land of secularism and every religion is celebrated in our country. That’s why we have come up with religion based wedding décor in Delhi which facilitates traditional décor for your wedding event.
We completely understand how importance the Vedi can be in a Hindu wedding, and what significance a curtain holds for a Muslim Walima. For the Sikh Lavan Phere, decorating a gurudwara to a well adorned gharouli we understand the intricacies of a wedding. And when it comes to a Christian wedding, we just know how to play right with white!
Let us know if you are rummaging around for a religious décor for a wedding and we will offer you a comprehensive package that will revive all your long-forgotten ethnicity too.
When a wedding décor is based on community specifications, it not only takes us back to our ethnicity, but also reminds us of our culture and heritage. Not all cultures are the same, and nor are their legacies. A wedding is a perfect time to celebrate our community or race and strike a chord to relive the traditional heritage. Doing it through cultural décor is certainly your best bet.
Be it the grandeur of a Marwari wedding, or the glamorous intricacy of Kashmiris, the lavishness and heartiness of a Punjabi wedding or the customary south Indian wedding, we completely understand the knottiness and details of every community in India.
We can give you a wedding décor that will take you back home in the memories. We commemorate every community and identify with their cultural details so well, that we can transform an ordinary banquet hall to a cultural display of your community.
We focus on the rituals of each community and plan the décor accordingly. We have a handle on Indian traditions so deep and we can work out on the Flowers, Pandal, Stage, Vedi, Rangoli and what not to induce just the right essence of your community into your wedding venue in Delhi. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi