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Kashmiri culture is subtle, decent and impressive. Unlike the pomp and show of the Punjab, Kashmiri weddings are slow, musical and pastel-ized. The beauty of Kashmiri decor and culture lies in the subtlety, intricacy and sophistication they depict through each ceremony. Kashmir- the paradise on Earth has the power to turn the world to its feet with its bestowed natural beauty and incredible heritage.Whether we talk about the Kashmiri floral embroidery, tapestries, wall decorative art, abstract art or silk oriental decor style, Kashmir is capable of stealing hearts of all and one. We at 10on10 Decorations are specialists in community based wedding decor and kashmiri decor is something we truly enjoy doing. Making use of exquisite, antique metal collectibles, impressive drapes and floral strings, our kashmiri wedding decor is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.We use traditional kashmiri carpets to welcome the groom, handcrafted tapestries to make you feel at home and low sitting to instil the real Kashmiri feel. Decor items like a wooden shikara or a house boat in an open wedding venue can further add stars to your wedding event. We work not to impress, but also to express. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi