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Even though we all attend so many weddings in our life, many of us are still unclear with the concept of the Hitting Wall. It is basically a decoration prop placed right at the end of the passage coming from the entrance. So, how many of you now remember noticing this area of the wedding decoration? Certainly all! As we said, we cover up every nook and corner of the wedding venue, we give a very special attention to decorating the Hitting Wall too. There are many unique concepts that can be put together to make a Hitting Wall attractive for every guest at the wedding, like we can decorate it with beautiful real flowers, we could also use stylish candle props, or the hot favourite and the purest idea i.e. Lord Ganesha’s Murti.
We specialize in a full wedding decoration service tailored to your choices, preferences, colour theme, and styles and we make sure that every aspect of yours is met wonderfully. We choose each and every decoration personally and we assemble everything with care, keeping in mind your detailed wishes. In short, with us, you can enjoy an enhanced Hitting Wall with a pictorial setting on your wedding ceremony. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi