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Every Indian wedding is a grand affair of customs and rituals, but precisely when we talk about the traditions and the decorations, there are a lot of factors, according to which the arrangements are made like culture, religion, region, etc. Above that, people have their own set of preferences and choices, which they are eager to implement on their special day. In Delhi, you will find thousands of wedding professionals, who can assist you brilliantly in your wedding preparations and decoration. The Flute wedding decoration is a brilliant idea if you are keen on making it an entirely traditional ceremony. For this theme, the general decoration, colour choices remains golden, red, green, blue and orange. Yes, the bright colours go really well with the concept and when completed, it gives a heritage look. When we use Flutes in decoration, we make sure that we make the right placement of these ornaments in order to enhance the look of the event. The flutes can be decorated on the food stalls, in the lounge, on the stage and the Mandap along with the stylish lighting fixtures. Our country is the motherland of diverse cultures, traditions and religions, but every Indian marriage is celebrated with the same passion and decoration, though the way of conduct could be different. For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi