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Are you looking for a unique and out-of-the-box wedding decoration idea? If yes, we have many solutions to help you out.If you wish to enjoy a soothing and a sophisticated wedding decoration, candle is the perfect add on. There are plenty of decorative ideas that can be executed with the help of candles to give your event an awesome touch in its decoration. We have set the candle theme keeping in mind hundreds of beautiful decoration styles, for which we use candles in many different types. We have small glass candles, Diys shape candles, tea lights, and many more different candles, which can be easily used for decorating every nook and corner of a wedding, be it at the entrance, the stage, the Vedi, the lounge, the passage, the Hitting wall, the bar, the Rangoli, or the centrepieces for the table arrangement.Candles when mixed with flowers and drapes, they make a stunning decoration concept. Plus, we also have wedding Lanterns, which look just awesome when placed rightly; they are generally hung from the ceiling or the rafters appearing as if they are floating on air. Do you know many people have also started using the candles as favours for their guests as keepsakes from their wedding event? Yes, it’s true. Check out, we have many more ideas! For more information visit- wedding decorators in delhi