Decor By Function

Décor is a boundless artistic expression that can escalate an ordinary place to a fantasy land. With a perfect blend of colours, style and intimate details, we accomplish décor keeping the function in mind.

Reception Decor


Cocktail Decor

Mehndi Decor

Ring Ceremony

Religious Function


Birthday Decor

Anniversary Decor

Corporate Decor

Theme Decorations

Lately, themed parties have become quite a rage and the absence of theme makes a party just like yet-another-party where no distinctive passion are attached. We have themes for every function, mood and outlook and we’re sure to give you exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Rajwada Royal


Pecock Pink


Sufi Pink





Wodden Rafter

Raj vilas



Baby Shower


First birthday


Retro / Rock n roll






Love Theme

Bachelor Theme

Decor By Elements

Wedding by elements basically means picking up several important elements at a wedding and planning their décor in a very special manner. For instance, the entry and the passage are designed specifically to bring on warm welcome to the esteemed guests.

Indoor Decor vs Outdoor Decor

Wedding planning is something that starts as you start looking for a match and sometimes goes on till Vidaai. Whether you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding is quite a decision based more on external factors than really your heart-felt desires.






For the indoor weddings, we suggest you several themes, colour schemes and attractive centerpieces to enhance the interiors of the banquet hall in Delhi you have chosen. From the entry and stage to the lounges and the vedi, we ensure every small part of your banquet hall is covered gracefully to enhance the space for utility as well as panache.

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We work on appeal, convenience and style to ensure your farm house leaves a lasting impression. As outdoor wedding gives us a massive canvas to play around with, we have everything that you’d ask for. From impressively created passage to the astonishing vermala themes, we have lots of options to make an offer to you.

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Wedding By Religion

India is a land of secularism and every religion is celebrated in our country. That’s why we have come up with religion based wedding décor in Delhi which facilitates traditional décor for your wedding event.

Wedding By Community

When a wedding décor is based on community specifications, it not only takes us back to our ethnicity, but also reminds us of our culture and heritage. Not all cultures are the same, and nor are their legacies. A wedding is a perfect time to celebrate our community or race and strike a chord to relive the traditional heritage. Doing it through cultural décor is certainly your best bet.

Wedding Decorators in Delhi

A wedding, for us Indians, is a lifetime event that we all look forward to. Be it your wedding, or a neighbour’s distant cousin’s, we just know how to celebrate! From Baraat to Shehnai, Mehendi and Sagai to Sangeet and Vidaai, an Indian wedding can get as fat as you let it be. Talk about food, frolic, fashion or furnishings, there isn’t one small nook that can be left ignored. But what leaves a lasting impression and makes your wedding magical as well as memorable? The Décor, of course! And nobody can do it better than the specialists in wedding decor in Delhi.
We, at 10on10 Decorations, believe that there are no limits to the amazing possibilities when it comes to wedding décor. That’s why; we’ve come up with a wonderful service of wedding decor in Delhi NCR to add oomph to your wedding. From couple stage decoration, elegant arches, gorgeous flowers, exciting balloons, and charming style columns, to impressive tabletop centrepieces, backdrops and trousseau packing, our wedding decor in Delhi will leave you breathless and your guests spellbound.
We, at 10on10 Decorations from GYV are the turn-key wedding decorators in Delhi NCR who attend to all the confronts of an event. We specialize in out-of-the-box event decorations and specialized wedding planning. With years of experience and a creative squad of professionals, we believe that when a job is to be done, there is no room for goof-ups, delays and inadequacies. We represent style, grace and classiness for these are the basic elements that make a wedding perfect and memorable. 10on10 Decorations offers customized, idiosyncratic ideas that drag all the attention towards your special day.

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